Our Ransomwarehelp service will guarantee ransomware data recovery without exposing your Company to the threat actors in any way.

How do you remove ransomware? Our process on how to remove ransomware can be explained in 4 easy steps:

Stop the attack

Disable your system or servers from access to the Internet: this will prevent further data encryption and/or extraction.

Do not answer or contact the threat actors:  Cybercriminals are hidden and may come back with a larger attack or larger ransom demand. Contacting threat actors will only make matters worse.  Contact us and we will guide you safely through this difficult situation. We can help you not being exposed to extra extortion, making you even more vulnerable.

Do not pay the ransom: Our experience shows that in more than 90% of the cases, companies that pay the ransom are demanded a second payment and may even not receive the decryption key.

Send us your case: Every minute counts in this situation. Our free pre-assessment service will help you identify the initial characteristics of the attack and risk associated to your company’s particular case.

Send us your case
  • Select 2 or 3 infected files that weigh less than 3mb and the ransom note left by the threat actors (the ransom note is a .txt or .html file with the ransom demand and payment instructions).
  • Send us your case for a pre-assessment consultation by one of our expert engineers:  
  • Once we receive your information, one of our ransomware recovery consultants will contact you to present a quotation for the diagnostics service. Our expert diagnostic report will include relevant information such as:
    • Origin of the ransomware attack
    • Type of the ransomware and level of affection.
    • Time of the decrypt ransomware procedure.
    • Cost of the decryption process.

Note:  Our company has +8 years of experience in decryption processes developed by our professional team.  The cost of the recovery service will not depend on the amount of data or servers encrypted; cost is determined by the variant of ransomware and level of encryption and damage caused to the data.

Decrypt ransomware process and results

  • Once you approve the quotation and agree to our SLA contract, our Ransomware Recovery Specialists around the world will be able to start the ransomware encyrption removal process using our top trend micro ransomware removal process, and highest levels of security and anonymity to give your company the confidence it deserves. You don’t have to ask yourself “how do I remove Ransomware?” We will be always available during the ransomware recovery process.
  • You must grant us remote access to your systems and access to the encrypted information as our engineers will execute the required programs where your affected data is stored, keeping it confidential and safe.
  • This process is carried out in one of three ways: where your information is stored and has been encrypted, in any cloud server or remote server that has been encrypted, in any storage device that you decide to give us access to.
  • Depending on your case our ransomware recovery specialists will run reverse engineering processes, digital forensic analysis, cryptography, advanced algorithmic programing, ransomware decryption processes, ransomware decrypt tools, and other recovery or repair techniques required to successfully decrypt your stolen files.
  • One of our consultants will always be available for you during the ransomware encryption removal process. Your information will always be kept safe where it is originally stored, protected at all time.

Successful results

  • We estimate an average of 72 hours of work to have your ransomware recovery files and information back in its original format, integrity and structure.
  • Our assigned Ransomware Recovery Specialist will contact you to give you a full update of the ransomware data recovery process and the results. Additionally, we will provide personalized security measures for the future to improve the security of your systems and data.  These recommendations are at no cost to the client.
  • We recover 100% of your encrypted data guaranteed or your money back. Such is our commitment to you and your complete satisfaction. We want all of our clients to feel secure and confident, as our team´s main purpose is to help you in this difficult situation.

“Their professionalism is simply spectacular. They were able to detect our problem and solve it its entirety 100%. I definitely recommend them. Ransomwarehelp is simply spectacular.”

- José Puche
Aguas De Alcala La Real Empresa Municipal, Spain

“Thanks to Ransomwarehelp for their professionalism and reliability, as well as for their honesty in their approach and performance. They solved the attack we faced due to and placed our trust in them and they didn't let us down.”

- Pedro Poveda
Mc Yadra, Spain

“They were able to resolve the problem we suffered due to a ransomware attack. We recommend them in recovering all of your encrypted information, 100% guarantee.”

- Francisco Díaz
Codican, Spain