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“We help our clients get back in business by offering a unique, guaranteed recovery solution”

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We understand the pivotal role IT companies play in safeguarding their clients’ data. Collaborate with us, the leaders in ransomware data recovery, and unlock the advantages of our comprehensive partner program. With our 100% recovery guarantee, experienced consultants, advanced methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies, we empower you to combat ransomware head-on.

Together, we’ll create an unstoppable alliance, ensuring guaranteed results and seizing numerous business opportunities in the fight against ransomware.

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Our comprehensive4-step decryption service

Step 01Isolate

Isolate affected devices and move data to a secure location. Conduct complete inventory of damage, report to corresponding authorities, communicate internally. Contact us for immediate incident response advice

Step 02Diagnostic

Our engineers will assess the situation, eliminate malware, identify encryption methods, and provide a guaranteed recovery price and timeframe.

Step 03Recovery

Our cryptography experts use proprietary tools and algorithms to achieve 100% data recovery, all backed by a success rate of over 99%.

Step 04Protect

After verifying data integrity, we offer proven recommendations to better protect your network in the future.

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Trusted service provider to many of the largest insurance companies worldwide


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Why join the Ransomware Help partner program?

Expand your service portfolio with an innovative data recovery solution.
Impressive success rate: achieve a 99% recovery success rate for secure data retrieval.
24/7 Service: we understand the urgency, so we're available around the clock for assistance.
Personalized support for you and your clients.
Efficient 4-step decryption: swift and seamless recovery process.
Comprehensive training: gain insights into the recovery process.
Rest assured with our guaranteed data recovery, accompanied by a money-back guarantee in the event that data decryption is not possible.
High-income potential and long-term business projections.
I want to become a partner

Ransomware Help

Is a brand of Digital Recovery Group, an international company providing IT and data recovery services. With over 28 years of experience and a team of 80 experts in cryptography, cybersecurity, forensic analysis, and reverse engineering, we have developed advanced solutions to restore data to its original state, mitigate impacts, and provide overall protection to the company’s digital assets.

Steps to becoming a ransomware help partner

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to learn about our ransomware data removal and recovery solutions, our expertise, and the steps to becoming our partner.

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Some of our customers

Safeguard your data: get help from the only company that guarantees ransomware data recovery

Time is of the essence when dealing with ransomware attacks. Act now to minimize downtime and maximize your chances of a successful recovery. Don’t yield to cyber criminals —choose our guaranteed solution and regain control over your data today.

They have got their data back with our recovery services

At Ransomware Help, we take immense pride in our proven track record of successfully serving 1500+ clients with 99% effectiveness. Say goodbye to negotiations and ransom payments, protect your business against future threats. Join our growing list of success stories today!

Ransomware Help was critical in assisting me when my small business was attacked by ransomware. I was able to research their services through a YouTube video about their business. I contacted them through the website and received an immediate response. The references on their website were also very helpful, as I was able to contact someone with the exact type of business as mine with a similar situation—they assured me Ransomware Help was legit and resolved their issue completely. I received a quote for diagnostics, and a very professional contract and invoice from Ransomware Help followed. Once diagnostics were complete, they gave me a new contract and invoice for the recovery service itself. The contract and invoice were easy to access and complete. Communication from Juan and Ransomware Help was always very prompt and they communicated through the entire process. Their reassurance was so critical during this stressful time. The service itself was very thorough and also timely, allowing me to resume business as soon as possible. All the data (files) was recovered in the exact same condition it was in before the attack. I unfortunately did not have a back-up for the data, but Juan and his team were still were able to decrypt the virus & recover all data. As a result, I did not have to pay or negotiate any ransom with the bad actors who stole my information. Thanks Juan and Ransomware Help! I highly recommend their services.
Erika Johnson
Erika Johnson
Ransomware Help offered us a guarantee of recovery. We revised their service contract agreement and it included the guarantee. They delivered as promised. We never had to deal with ransom payment. They finished the recovery very quickly. and 100% successful. Thanks Juan for your great service.
Hua Huang
Hua Huang
Thank you Ransomware Help for recovering our databases. We have tested all files and they work correctly. Your support and recovery service were were agile and personalized. Great job.
Rhinel Arias Polanco
Rhinel Arias Polanco
They were prompt and quickly resolved the ransomware issue and recovered all our data and programs.
David Rimi
David Rimi
I don’t know how your cryptography engineers work but we were ecstatic to watch your decryption tools working in our systems and recovering every drive in our NAS one by one.
francisco wilches
francisco wilches
Everyone says there was no way to decrypt a Makop ransomware. You guys did it in 4 days, great work Ransomwarehelp. Thank you for your support, immediate attention, and support, you were always in contact with us every step of the recovery. Our data was recovered in perfect conditions.
Cami Blair
Cami Blair
Thanks Juan, great service, we are gladly back in business and our accounting department is happy. All databases and files are good.
chuck peñalver
chuck peñalver
Thank you for your great help in recovering our data. We never thought we would be back in business after the attack. All our data is good.
Juanita Yepes
Juanita Yepes
I have high trust in David and his services. Since I know him, everything he said or promised was was true. As a German, I highly appreciate this haha
Joel Schade
Joel Schade
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