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Effective Date: 20/12/2023

Dear Users and Clients,

This is our current Terms of Use for our website https://Ransomwarehelp.com. Ransomwarehelp.com is wholly owned and operated by Digital Recovery Group, LLC, (Hereafter “DRG“), a duly registered Company in the States of Florida.

Please read our Terms of Use before using or accessing our website or social media sites. NOTE: This is a legally binding agreement between DRG and our Clients, Visitors, and Users.  If you do not like or agree with these terms or are under the age of eighteen (18), we ask that you do not access or use our website nor register for an account. We reserve the right to amend or change our Terms of Use at any time, and by your continued use of our website and platform, you are agreeing to these terms.

Thank You.

Digital Recovery Group, LLC


The following definitions are used in this Agreement for clarification of terms. They are:

  • Content: All files, data, information that a Client uploads or downloads from our website or social media sites.
  • Client: A subscriber or paid Client of DRG. Also “You”, “Your”, or “User”.
  • Privacy Policy: Our Privacy disclosure on what information we collect from Clients & visitors, and how that information is used.
  • Intellectual Property: Our software; platform; programming & code; website; logos; slogans; trademark; service marks; and copyrights.
  • DRGAlso Digital Recovery Group, LLC. Our Company, owners, employees, and agents. Also “We”, “Us”, or “Our”.
  • Submissions: Files, data, information, code, and other content uploaded or downloaded to/from our website. This includes and is not limited to: photographs; pictures; illustrations; videos; mp3; text; digital recordings; files; or other data.
  • Third-party website: Website links or hyperlinks, located in or on our Company website that redirects Clients to other websites.
  • Terms of Use and Service: Legally binding agreements governing the relationship between DRG and Users/Visitors or Clients using and accessing our website and services.
  • Visitor: Or “User”. Anyone who visits our Company website or social media sites.

DRG specializes in assisting Clients with diagnosis, analysis, and data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack. Our Company’s mission is to protect and restore the Client’s data quickly and reliably while also closing security risks and vulnerabilities.

Visitors and Users can visit and access our website for any legal or lawful purpose. In order to protect our intellectual property and our Clients, Users & Visitors are prohibited from:

  1. Downloading, copying, or transmitting any of our website content without our permission;
  2. Using data mining or extraction software, or bots; manipulating or using framing or other navigational technology;
  3. Registering, subscribing, unsubscribing, or attempting to register, subscribe, or unsubscribe any person; user; company; or anyone else for our products or services unless you have permission;
  4. Using our website or its content for any other purpose other than which it was intended: marketing and email campaigns;
  5. Harassing; stalking; bullying; or threatening behavior towards our Company, it’s owners, employees, agents, Clients or users;
  6. Engaging in any behavior that might violate our rights, such as our intellectual property rights; or that of our Clients;
  7. Impeding or interfering with our website; its’ security; or our server.


(A) Anyone surfing the internet can visit and browse our website, but in order to access and utilize our services, you may have to register for an account. When registering for an account, you warrant that:

  • You are over the age of eighteen (18);
  • You are providing us with accurate & truthful information;
  • You will not register a Client for an account or services without their express written permission or consent;

(B) Security. Users understand and agree that they are fully responsible for activity on their account and must keep all information confidential.

(C) ChildrenDRG does not knowingly collect any information regarding children under the age of 18 or specifically under the age of 13.  Minors and children are prohibited from using or accessing our website unless it is the parent or legal guardian’s written parental consent.

(D) Privacy Policy.  Our Privacy Policy is separate from this Agreement and can be found at: https://ransomwarehelp.com. This Policy is compliant with Florida’s DOPPA and Privacy Laws, and shares information on how we collect your personal data; how that data is used; who has access to this data; your personal data rights; how your data is stored; and for how long it is retained. Users should review and read our Privacy Policy prior to submitting data or registering for an account.


Our Service includes and is not limited to examination and analysis of the Client’s data breach and servers. Upon examination, DRG will provide a full report of the challenge and/or damage. The report will describe the infection and the malware used as well as the possibility of recovery which our Company guarantees 100%.

A diagnosis of the Client’s hardware and devices is conducted by our Professionally Trained IT Technicians via remote access and viewing.

If we are unable to recover 100% of the data after initial analysis, our Company will refund the Client’s payment for the recovery service.  To provide this service, our Company charges a Service Fee. Our Service Fees are available through private analysis and proposal.  Inquiries can be submitted to our Client Support Department for more Information at:



Our Company provides a 100% Guarantee of all our Professional Data Recovery Services. If we are unable to recover 100% of the Client’s data that has been subject to a ransomware attack, we will refund the Client’s payment for services rendered.

Payment will be made in the same manner and form as initially received from the Client.


(A) Defined. The term “Content” includes and is not limited to:

Data; files; pictures; video, audio, or media recordings; comments; information; text; graphics; and any interactive features that are accessible through our Company website.

(B) Risk. You understand that any website content that you access or download, whether on our website; social media sites; or any other third-party website; is at your own risk and agree to accept responsibility for any damages or losses.

(C) Intellectual Property. We retain all rights, title and interest to our own website and its content which is protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets or other laws, both locally and internationally.   You promise not to interfere with these rights, and to follow all applicable intellectual property laws.

(D) Submissions. Any data or files that are transmitted via our Website is considered a Submission. Clients can upload: files; attachments; illustrations; diagrams; instructions; pictures; and other recorded digital media. When making submissions, Clients warrant:

  • Submissions must be owned by the person/company submitting content
  • Submitted content must be original to the Client;
  • Submitted content must not infringe upon third-party copyrights or intellectual copyrights;
  • Submitted content must not be involved in pending or threatening litigation;
  • Submitted content must not contain: viruses; malware; spyware; Trojan-          horses; data mining or bots; and,
  • Submitted content must not contain any software, code, or files that might be harmful to our website, platform, servers, or that of our Clients and agents.

(E) Limited Liability.  Clients acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their submissions, and that our Company is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or intellectual property rights violations committed by Clients or other Users. Since we have no control over the content submitted by Clients, you agree to hold us harmless for any alleged violation or copyright infringement.

In addition, Clients agree to hold our Company; Directors; Owners; Representatives; Employees; and Engineers; harmless from any and all injuries, damages, loss, cost, or fees as a result of accessing; analyzing; decoding; repairing; or recovering; damaged, encrypted, or lost data.


(A) Initial Consultation. The initial consultation is free. Upon receiving all of the facts and background information from the Client, we will supply a Proposal for the inspection, analysis, and repair of the hardware system. The cost for analysis, retrieval and repair will vary from project to project depending upon: the ransomware attack; security risks; network weaknesses; vulnerabilities; as well as external and internal factors that may affect the outcome as well as success of retrieval.

(B) Proposal Upon acceptance of our Company’s ProposalDRG will begin to make repairs and retrieve the Client’s data. The Proposal and Service Agreement will outline all of the terms and conditions of the project; payment terms; as well as the project end date for the repair service.

(C) We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.


(A) Notice. Clients can cancel and terminate their account at any time by providing a written email notice to our Client Service Department, requesting cancellation. Please note, once your account is cancelled, you will no longer have login access to our Services or website. However, upon termination the Client understands and agrees to be personally and financially liable for any and all balances due and owing on account which includes and is not limited to collection fees. Please note: In the event of early termination/cancellation, all service and analysis fees are non-refundable.

(B) Deletion. It may take 30-60 days for our servers to populate and delete the Client from our system. We may continue to retain limited information to determine that Clients were properly deleted from the system.


Our Company offers a 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to retrieve any data on behalf of the Client. Clients must follow our Refund Policy in order to receive either a partial or full refund. Failure to follow these instructions will either delay or prevent a Client from receiving a refund. See our 100% Guarantee.



Please Note: We have a Zero Tolerance Policy forSpam; harassment; bullying; obscenities; pornography; bigotry; copyright infringement; and theft.

Users and Clients must not use our website or platform for any improper, illegal, or prohibited purpose. You must not use our website in any way that could affect its availability or use; or in connection with unlawful activity.


(A) Support We provide support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a first come-first served basis. Clients are encouraged to send our Client Service Department an email containing: their username and account number; date; and a description of their challenge or problem. One of our qualified Client Service Technicians will contact you within 24-48 hours.

(B) Maintenance. We regularly conduct maintenance and system checks of our website and platform. In those instances, our website may be down or inaccessible.  If for any reason the website or system is down for more than 24-48 hours, we will provide notice via our website as well as giving Clients additional email credits on their account.


Our Company website may redirect you to third-party websites. If you click a link, or follow a hyperlink to a third-party website, you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. You understand and agree that we have no control over third-party websites whatsoever; therefore, we are not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages or losses that might happen as a result of a Client accessing or using a third-party website.

Third-party websites, vendors, and data recipients are required to assist our Company with risk assessment and reporting breaches of security. As a result, users and Clients agree to hold our company, company owners, staff, employees, and agents harmless from risk, loss, or damage as a result of using or accessing our website or any third-party link.


The Term of this Agreement begins at the time the User, Client, or Visitor uses and accesses our website or our Services.

DRG reserves the right to terminate or cancel access to all or any part of our website or services at any time. If we cancel or terminate access, you will receive notice either through the website or via email notification.  If your account or access is terminated, then the terms and conditions in this Terms of Use survive termination and cancellation, including but not limited to: limited liability; warranty disclaimers; indemnification; disputes; and choice of law provisions.


Clients, Users, and Visitors agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless our Company it’s owners; directors; employees; and agents; from all third-party claims or losses, costs, actions, damages, expenses, or liabilities, that arise from or relate to the use or access of our websites; platform; content; or services. This also applies to unforeseen third-party claims.


Clients understand and agree that they assume all responsibility and risk for using our: website; platform; content; and/or services. Our company, its’ owners; employees; or agents will not be liable for any: incidental; indirect; direct; punitive; exemplary; or consequential damages. The term “Damages” may include and is not limited to:

  • Loss of Profits;
  • Interruption of service;
  • Injuries;
  • Loss of business/personal information;
  • Other loss, claims, or damages;


 Force Majeure means “any event” that might occur that is “beyond our control”, or that of our User or Client. Neither our Company nor our Client shall be responsible for any failure to perform if it involves: vandalism, fire, flood, strike, labor unrest, riot, act of civil or military authority, accident, acts or omissions of carriers, or Act of God, or other event beyond their control. When we become aware of any force majeure event, it will be posted on our website, or sent via email for our Clients. Any changes in our service, or resumption in our service will be posted on our Company website.


(A) Mediation. In the event either we or the Client have a dispute about these Terms of Service or its interpretation, we agree to resolve the dispute via Mediation in Miami, Florida. Both Parties agree to share the cost and choice of a Mediator. All proceedings regarding mediation shall be kept confidential and private at all times.  In addition, proceedings shall be governed by ABA accepted practices for mediation and arbitration in the United States.

(B) Notice. The disputing party shall send the non-disputing party a thirty (30) day Notice of Intent prior to filing a Mediation claim, giving the parties the ability to resolve the dispute before Mediation. Notices shall be served as provided in our Terms of Use.

(C) Prevailing Party. The final decision of the Mediator shall be binding upon the parties, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of any costs and fees, including but not limited to attorney’s fees.


Any Notice that is required in this Agreement must be in writing and sent to parties as follows:

(A) Notice can be delivered via: email; fax; United States Postal Service; or overnight/special courier.  Clients can opt out of email notifications by sending a written email to our Client Service Department at: Support@ransomewarehelp.com.

(B) All other Notices are to be sent to the last known address or email address for DRG or to the Client’s last known address/email address.

Digital Recovery Group, Inc.

80 SW 8th Street, Suite #2000

Miami, FL. 33130


 (A) Non-Disclosure. The Parties to this Agreement shall not at any time during its Term nor at any time thereafter unless as required to fulfill their legal Duties and Obligations: divulge; release; or otherwise share any confidential or private information pertaining or related to this Agreement or Transaction.

(B) Documents and Consent. All documents; reports; files; papers; or business records; tools; software; hardware; or electronically stored information shall be the property of its respected owner. At no time is any confidential or private information to be shared; exported; displayed; or disclosed; at any time without the express written permission of either Party or their duly authorized representative.


If any clause or paragraph in this agreement is considered unenforceable or invalid under any law or statute or made invalid by an Order of a Court of law, the invalid or unenforceable clause shall not render the balance of this Agreement invalid. Any invalid provision shall be considered altered and interpreted so it does not affect the rest of this agreement.


These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the of Florida, U.S.A., without regard to conflicts of law provisions and C.I.S.G. (U.N. Convention for the International Sale of Goods and Services).


You may contact DRG at:

Digital Recovery Group, LLC

80 SW 8th Street, Suite #2000

Miami, FL. 33130

Email: Support@ransomwarehelp.com

Effective Date: 20/12/2023